Saturday, July 22, 2006

for the sake of updating

Still in Buenos Aires. Still happy. I more week in B-A. Then a week in C-A. And THEN...oh my, and then...

seriously, I think I'm gonna stop with the blogging thing. If you really wanna know what's going on in my life, send me an email or msg me on facebook.


Sunday, July 09, 2006

good eats, good clothes, good life

So, Buenos Aires continues to be wonderful. Today was one of those perfect winter days. So far winter here has been sunny and 70 with a slight breeze. I was beginning to get annoyed that I didn't bring any flip-flops with me. But after the crazy thunderstorm that was last night, today was quite chilly, but the sky was an intense blue and it was wonderfully sunny and crisp. Really, I was most happy because it meant I could wear one of the three coats I bought in the last week (I chose the soft brown one with the off-centered buttons and tab collar). So after getting a bunch of really good reading done (seriously, WJT Mitchell, you are amazing) I came home and got on the comptuer. The boyfriend had left a good morning email (:D) and I called my parents and told them all about the city. My dad ended with "Well, I'm glad you're enjoying the city, you sound really happy. You sound like you." After the conversation was over, I headed back outside in my beautiful coat to find food and read some more. And on my way to the restaurant I started thinking about what he'd said. Now, really, I don't think this city is making me particularly extra happy; I mean, it's a great city, but I dunno, I'm leaving in 3 weeks and I'm totally fine with that, I'm counting the days even. But then, I was like, I'm in this great city, on this beautiful day, I've begun work on the magnum opus of my college career (the Xul Solar Museum was great and very efficient), and I have an unbelievably wonderful boyfriend. Yes, I thought, I am quite, quite, happy.

And then I got lunch. Cornish hen with a dark chocolate sauce, sweet potato purée, and marron glacé. Glass of cab-sav. Orange crème brulée. Espresso. $20. FUCKING AMAZING. But, so I'm sitting at the restaurant day dreaming about sharing the meal with the bf, waiting for my dessert and I look up and I see a youngish, well dressed couple with their kid. The mom was passing their toddler to the father who was holding the boy's stuffed animal. I dunno. It could have been the glass of wine I'd just downed, but something about the totality of that moment, me being absolutely happy with the sun warming me, seeing this family, and picturing myself as an adult, not necessarily with a family, but just loving and being loved...well, I kinda started crying. So I shed a good tear or two, but the most frightening and most wonderful part, was the first thing that came into my mind after was that I couldn't wait to tell the bf about it.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


I have sooooo fallen for Buenos Aires. This weekend I spent Saturday and Sunday as Steve the Urban Wanderer, setting out on foot to explore the city. Saturday morning I headed out on the train and walked from the train station to Palermo (a good 45 minute walk) and wandered around for a bit in the very bohemian but very fashionable in the alternative sort of way that I love Palermo Soho. I stopped at what appeared to be a rather nice restaurant (you know, with the contemporary looking dishware and silverware and awesome food presentation) and ate a wonderful salad with smoked salmon a glass of white wine and an espresso for a grand total of about $9. After some reading on subalternity and transculturation I called a friend who happened to meeting some of the others from school nearby. I met up with them and wandered around the botanical gardens and then Palermo some more. They were hungry so we stopped at another restarurant where I ordered some very very sweet white wine for the table. We then walked down to a mall about a half hour away and I bought a totally cute pea coat and sorta different looking kinda geometric-ish polyester blend ¾ length raincoat sort of thing. Very happy about the purchases (and then I saw my next swatch, but I was good and turned away). Next stop was coffee and we sat and contemplated all that we saw before heading home for the night.

And today at about noon I rode the train all the way to the end and walked around Retiro and Recoleta. So Buenos Aires, is so very New York-esque, not what I was expecting at all. You totally totally feel like you’re in a big city with all the big buildings blocking out the sun. But it’s lovely because traffic is really light and almost every single street is tree-lined. People are constantly out and about and it’s perfectly acceptable to have a coffee and read the paper in a café by yourself (it was awkward to do that in Mexico). Buenos Aires, also unlike Mexico, has a large middle class, so most of the people walking down the streets are carrying their purchases and looking young and hip. And for my last comparison, in Mexico when I used their commuter rail train to go to a soccer match I feared for my life a bit as I was pressed against the outside of the train as the unruly mob shoved their way inside. Here they honest to god formed a single file line to get into the train, I kid you not. So wonderful.

And on another note, I have sooooo fallen for the boyfriend (though that’s not anything new). In between the webcam and Skype and AIM and MSN and even the phone (how last century, but hey I’m in a developing country) every day that goes by I feel that much closer to him. And this weekend he was constantly on my mind; every time the city awed me I’d think “Wow, I so wish I could share this awesomeness with him.” Sometimes missing him is hard and a tad depressing, but taking a step back and realizing how good it is to talk to him, to see him smile, to even think about him, makes me a pretty damn happy person.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Changing of the Plans

I'm hung over and tired and I don't feel like writing. But, yesterday was fun. At school on our way to our our daily half hour coffee break in the middle of class, there was a boy, soaking wet, being covered in flour and raw eggs. Fun fun. Coffee is really good here.

After class we got lunch at the marine club behind the school then we all went and got on a boat and toured the rivers of the delta. It was a gorgeous day for boating, totally sunny, mid 60's.

Then I went back to school to watch some stupid stupid movie for class.

Then I went to the gym where I worked out all hardcore like. Also the trainers there are beautiful. I can't take my eyes off them.

Then I came home, ate, showered and met up with my neighbor to head into Buenos Aires.

About 18 of us met up at Acabar, the definition of what a good café/bar should be. It was totally quirky and alternative and festive and everyone was happy. I drank of bottle of wine.

Then we went to Club Araouz where they played hip-hop from last year and I chain smoked.

My head was spinning when I got home at 5 am.

And today I changed my plans. I'm no longer getting an apt in Buenos Aires during the month of August. I will be returning to Boston on August 8th. It'd be a lie if I said I wasn't happy to be reuniting with the bf sooner or I wasn't looking forward to being with him, just living life together for 5 weeks before school starts, but I didn't make the decision because of him. Financially, I think it's a smarter move. Plus, my goal for this trip wasn't like Mexico where I really wanted to immerse myself in the culture. I came here with the intentions of research and study and so if I spend my time wisely over the next month I think I'll get a good feeling for Buenos Aires and the materials I need for the thesis, nonetheless.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Fine, so I'll keep blogging...

So yesterday was the first day of school. My host mom couldn't take me because Marcos is going to the States next week and he needed to go to a visa interview so I caught a ride with my neighbor, Alex, and his mom. Alex goes to Penn, totally nice, and recognizes the fact that we'll probably be hanging out a lot since we live so close to eachother (thank god, makes my life easier). Well they rang the doorbell like 15 minutes early which resulted in my forgetting to lock the front door. Despite the fact that there's no turny doorknob and you can't open the door without a key regardless, I was still asked yesterday evening to remember to lock the door. Whatever. Also, I finally left the stupid Dulce de Leche yogurt that they keep trying to feed me and that I keep putting back in the fridge on my dresser. I was hoping it'd go bad and they'd have to throw it away. They put it back in the fridge later that afternoon. I ate it this morning.

People at school are good. I know a Harvard kid who's there. I'm in the advanced group which means I get to take content courses rather than language courses so I'm happy about that. The campus is seriously, it's all of 3 buildings big. And there's no gym, which is depressing, BUT there is like a really really nice gym one stop away from me and it's like $15 membership for the month. Oh, I love cheap Argentina.

I made my gayness official when some girl commented that since she went to Penn she started thinking the skinny jewish boys were cute, then some other girl said she thought israelis were cute, and then I busted out with my boyfriend is Israeli and it made me really really happy to be able to say that. Not so much the Israeli part (although there is that sorta army fantasy thing about it) but the part where I said I have a boyfriend. God, I'm still jiddy (I know the word is giddy, buy jiddy happens to be an inside joke between the bf and I). Although a tad sad that I didn't talk to him yesterday. I was dead tired by like 9 and he was still at the gym so I couldn't call or IM him, and I finally just ended up IMing a gnight message and went to sleep.

Anywho, I think mayhaps I'll go into the city today, but I'm thinking I'm just gonna stay in San Isidro, watch my movie for class tomorrow, and find this amazing gym I've been recommended.

47 days.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

And so it begins...

Holy crap, I'm in Argentina! After a long, long flight (in which I got unbearably horny and humped the chair) I made it to Buenos Aires. The immigrations lady got frustrated with me when I told her I didn't have a visa or an address and "ciao ciao"-ed me along into the country. I arrived to my new house in San Isidro (about half an hour outside of the city) which is totally quaint. The area feels very village-esque, tree-lined cobble-stone streets and smallish buildings, and the whole winter thing with nearly leafless trees feels appropriate.

My family is wonderful, Corinne, my host mom is constantly flustered but she loves her kids and has been totally helpful. Her son, Marcos, 15, and her daughter, Mara, 7, are totally cute and really close. Last night I started the first season of Lost with Marcos and I played checkers with Mara this morning after she explained the rules for like half an hour.

I was worried when I tried to withdraw money and it didn't work and when the new cell phone I bought refused to make calls, but that was yesterday and today everything is going smoothly. In fact, maybe more than smoothly; the maid brought cereal and toast and orange juice and coffee to me in bed. I could sorta get used to that...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Most Adventurous

Alright, so this may be the most adventurous move I've made yet. I have myself a boyfriend.

And I'm back in CA. I don't think leaving Boston has ever left me with more knots in my stomach as it did this morning. I've only been at the aunt's house for a few hours and already I'm going crazy not being around him. I suspect this to only last a few days (largely because I'm leaving to Argentina in like 5 days), but I sooo don't want the last 2 weeks to fizzle out over the course of the next two months.

I'm feeling scared and uncertain and jiddy and excited and illogical and impractical and motivated and inspired (and in pain everytime I sit down ;P ) and I may be across the fucking country (soon to be on the opposite hemisphere) but I think things are good.

Sooo many adventures to come, and pretty soon I'll be sharing them with an amazing, amazing man.

[an addition: later in the afternoon he called me. i smiled for a long time after i hung up.]